Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are suitable for lifting/containing heavy loads and are more ergonomic for the user compared to traditional wooden pallets as they don’t rot, splinter or absorb moisture. Plastic pallets have an extremely long service life. Palette Deutschland offers a wide range of plastic pallets, plastic containers, crates and also bins are available in various sizes and colours. We are a leading provider of plastic pallets for the industrial sector and regularly initiate innovative developments.

Our plastic pallets are manufactured exclusively from pure, high quality materials, integrally formed through injection moulding, designed and tested for hygienic compliance and most models are suitable for all standard handling and conveying systems. Plastic pallets are one-piece, have an attractive appearance and don’t need much maintenance.

Because plastic is made from natural gas, it doesn’t release toxic substances when you burn it. The production of plastic pallets is not harming the environment as often it is made by usage of gas which would otherwise be burned during the production of crude oil. Old plastic pallets can be used to make new plastic items.

Palette Deutschland plastic pallets features:

  • Heavy duty plastic pallets
  • Closed deck plastic pallets
  • Hygiene plastic pallets
  • Plastic conductive pallets
  • Industrial plastic pallets
  • Plastic euro pallets
  • Plastic half pallets
  • Plastic non-stop pallets
  • Plastic pallets in bespoke sizes

Benefits of using plastic pallets:

  • Extremely sturdy design, durable and economical
  • Highest-quality materials are used
  • High load capacity
  • Long service life
  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • Dimensionally stable in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +40°C, briefly up to +90°C
  • Research, development, mould construction and manufacture are all in-house. We ensure continuity and outstanding quality.

We offer a number of pallets, purchase of new or used pallets, disposable or reusable pallets, industrial pallets or plastic pallets. All pallets can be found in our website. Please see the details and either give us a call on: +49 (0) 2826 2640620 or send us an email.